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Give love back

We love our pets, showering them with attention, care and daily walks, and perhaps most importantly, with high-quality food.

Give love back

We love our pets, showering them with attention, care and daily walks, and perhaps most importantly, with high-quality food.


Our food contains everything necessary to preserve your pet’s health. Our foods are a source of protein, essential fatty acids, minerals, fiber and vitamins, and are free from artificial colors or additives. The recipe was developed in cooperation with experts in veterinary medicine and food technology.

Dog food

Love is returned with high-value food. It’s the healthiest choice to keep your dog healthy.

Cat food

Our cat food contains everything needed to keep her healthy. It's so delicious, she'll love it right away. &nbsp  

All ingredients come from local farms

Developed in collaboration with experts

Without artificial colors
and aromas

A healthier pet

Whoever loves will be love

Mauro and Maria rescue abandoned dogs looking for shelter and love. One has epilepsy and spins in circles all the time. The other was malnourished. A third, was lost. But now each dog has one thing in common: they have all been changed by the love they’ve received. They are now calm, happy dogs who love their owners. It's very simple, the recipe for a happy life is love because whoever loves will be loved.
I'm Kio and I spin and spin in circles. My owners, Mauro and Maria found me caught in this whirlwind. But, they don't mind me spinning or that I’m not the perfect dog. They say I changed their life, and I know they saved mine. They pet me and tell me I’m a good boy all the time. They chose me out of all the other dogs. Me! Just the way I am. I'm not perfect, but I love them perfectl

Which Voli Voli food is best for your dog

What those who love think

Ana, Lionel & Simba

"In the world of dog food, it can be challenging to find a product that stands out among the rest. However, it's clear that our Simba has found a favorite in Voli Voli food, which is an integral part of his daily routine. We give Voli Voli food top ratings, not only for its excellent composition and nutritional value but also because it has managed to win the heart of our beloved Simba. We recommend it to all dog owners who want to provide their four-legged friends with healthy and delicious food."

Sara & Žuži

"When our little Žuži wags her tail, we know that something has captured her attention. She wags her tail with the most enthusiasm when she's enjoying her Voli Voli portions. We are delighted because we can reciprocate all the love and joy she gives us with a healthy choice."

Sabina & Kira

"Dealing with our little furry friend has always been straightforward, except when it came to choosing her food because Kira is quite selective. We went through a lot of trouble and tried various types of food until we came across Voli Voli. Now, after every serving of Voli Voli, our Kira begs and pleads for more. We are very happy about it, so we often refill her bowl. If we continue like this, Kirica will soon need to go on a diet."

Borna & Gio

"Ever since we switched to Voli Voli cat food, our Gio has undergone a transformation. His fur is shinier, he's full of energy, and he's growing so much! His absolute favorite is the chicken and beef mix with liver. When choosing, it was crucial for us to find food with the best protein content. We are thrilled because in Voli Voli food, we've finally found everything we were looking for!"

Antea & Miki

"My Miki is a picky cat; he can refuse food all day if it doesn't suit his taste. But with Voli Voli, he "attacked" it as soon as I opened the bag! He already loves chicken, so he really enjoyed the taste of chicken and beef with liver. As a pet owner, I'm thrilled that my cat is eating food that contains meat from Croatian farms and numerous healthy ingredients for him. I can't wait for him to try the new flavors!"

Lucija & Lujka

"Our little but very playful kitty loves getting a lot of attention. We love watching her enjoy her meals. An empty bowl is the biggest proof of how much our Lujka loves Voli Voli food."

Danijel & Rosa

"Rosa is a true little playful cuddlebug who never leaves our side. She adores chicken and treats, and she devours her Voli Voli portion in no time. She's not usually a fan of dry food, but Voli Voli food suits her very well, and she always snuggles up by our legs to get a little more. Bravo to Voli Voli from Rosa!"


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